European Parliament President Antonio Tajani welcomed today’s plenary vote on the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and Strategic Partnership Agreement with Canada. The vote expresses a clear majority following an extensive and thorough debate.

President Tajani stated: “This is a good agreement for our citizens. It will create new jobs and stimulate growth benefitting our entrepreneurs and consumers, while taking on board their concerns. It guarantees that the EU’s high health, environmental and labour standards will be protected.

Europe’s entrepreneurs are leaders in excellence and quality. Many of our SMEs are export orientated. It is in the European Union’s best interests to promote an intelligent trade policy based on open markets, fair rules and a level playing field.

By eliminating tariffs, regulatory and administrative barriers, as well as opening up public procurement markets, it creates opportunities – mainly for SMEs – making them more competitive. The entire real economy, including investment, manufacturing, services, e-commerce, agriculture and fishery, will also stand to benefit considerably from the agreement.

Our long-standing friendship with Canada goes far beyond trade. It is based on common cultural roots and shared values, including an open society, human rights, rule of law and sustainable development, all of which underpin the Strategic Partnership Agreement.

We have delivered on what our citizens expect: a strong European Union which successfully takes on global challenges by setting rules and building strong partnerships to provide effective solutions.

In order for Europe to take full advantage of CETA I call for its swift ratification in Member States.

In trade as well as in political cooperation, we are stronger together.”